Who you truly are!

"The `I` that is me you cannot see. You see only this form that you think is me. This form that you see will not always be: but the `I` that is me lives Eternally"

         Think About It !

         The Keys to finding
           Peace in your life    

  • Your emotional Luggage
  • Connecting with Life
  • Forgiveness
  • Change
  • Gratitude
  • Attraction
  • 24 hrs is a lifetime


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" Life is not easy for anyone. At least, no one i have met. It can become easy, but it is usually not easy to begin with. There are some things we have to learn. There are some tools we have to find. And there are some roads we have to travel.
    There is a man named Sandy Donaghy who has taken the journey already. He has taken the Longest Journey already........and because he has, your own journey to peace, joy and fulfilment can be a great deal shorter. Sandy knowing all about how it is to have gotten there the hard way, the long painful way, can redirect you, helping you to get there the easy way, the shortest way. less painful. "

                                          Neale Donald Walsch ( author Conversations with God

My Story

I have led a full life and come face to face with horrendous situations. I have gone from joy to despair, from contentment to depression. I have finally come to be at peace with the God of my understanding.
My mission now is to help you do the same. I want to freely help my fellow being to live a more productive and free life.


My Journey

I have experienced many Spiritual happenings in my life. I have been and continue to be on a wonderful  Spiritual Journey. It is time now to pass on my experiences to those among you who may be suffering in your life..I can help you to reach Spiritual maturity and finally have the life you have always desired.


Retreats & Workshops

I have facilitated two Spiritual Retreats and several workshops. I work with a group of people in a friendly but productive air.  I am proud to report that the people who attend are greatly enhanced and leave feeling recharged and ready to change their lives. You can experience this to.

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