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                      " An Invitation to Change "

                      " Essential Basic Changes"

                   "Peace can only be achieved through Change"

A special invitation to those among you who wish to go to a deeper Spiritual Level. I am offering one to one teaching at my home, Email or Skype  to those I feel are ready to Change.  This will be on a weekly basis. If you are interested then contact me by email.

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      " I am a fully qualified counsellor with 30 years experience in the field of Alcohol addiction, I specialize in one to one discreet counselling for those who feel threatened by revealing their personal condition. Workshops and Residential retreats are also events i facilitate. Looking forward to my first retreat to be held in Scotland this year."

How often have we said 'Give me peace!' The true road to having peace in your life is one of personal change. You may be holding on to resentments or beliefs that are holding you a prisoner. The hard thing to understand is that you may have emotional blockage buried deep within. No matter what you try to find solace in your life there is the feeling of something missing.

I am going to  offer one to one workshops to a limited few. People who genuinely wish to go further on their spiritual journey. I will hold these sessions at my home on a weekly basis. I will  introduce you to a tried and tested method of connection. I am going to help you connect with yourself for probably the first time.
  You will be able to dig out all those hidden hurts that are damaging your relationships and life.  Together we will search out and identify all those dark crevices where the hurt still lives. If you do not know what is wrong how can you fix it.

 The things you dream about could become your reality if you have the courage to change. I use the word courage because it takes courage to see yourself as you really are and not how you think you are. Whatever you decide to do with your life I wish you well.



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