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Who Am I

My Name is Sandy Donaghy and I was borne on Wednesday the 16th of April 1941, during World War 2.
 I lived my early life in North Queensferry and then moved to Rosyth where I lived my teen years.
 My childhood was great. As the war was on there was no garden fences in fact no gardens, we were free range kids. It was the time of the ration books and powdered eggs. All the neighbours had the same as me... nothing. It was a very friendly time to grow up.
My first school experience was in The Ex-Serviceman's club that doubled as a primary school. My next primary school was in the Carnegie hall which was also used as a gaming club. Finally I moved to my first proper school that was the catholic school ( I was not a catholic) then we all moved to Park Road School and I finished my primary education their. The next school was a secondary modern called Kings Road, it was my last years of schooling. I passed my apprenticeship examination and got a place at Donibristle fleet air arm station. I had three brothers and a sister
After leaving school my adventures began

My History

Leaving School with all my hopes and dreams I fell into hell. I experienced homelessness, suicide attempts, Prison, bankruptcy, two failed marriages, Terror, loneliness, depression, I think you get the picture. In 1985 I began to turn my life around. I embarked on a twenty year period of extreme change and analysis. I finally faced all my demons. and I wrote a book " The Longest Journey" 9 keys to Spirituality. Simply a journey into the self.

" Everything you ever dreamed off is waiting for you...
              Its   time for  You  to claim your true self "

 Latest News Flash

 I have now Returned to Scotland and intend to run Workshops/Retreats/Home Groups and offer One to One Counselling, I am now Based in Rosyth.

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